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Hybrid mattress - The trend of sleeping on a “multi-layer” mattress

Hybrid mattresses are a relatively new mattress trend. Investing in a new hybrid mattress is one of the best ways to improve your sleeping experience. Hybrid mattresses combine the best features of an innerspring mattress with the best features of a foam mattress. This design results in a cushioned but supportive bed, contoured but excellent, and responsive but not too bouncy. Let’s take a closer look. If you like what you should also look at our list of the best hybrid mattresses.

What is a hybrid mattress?

Hybrid mattresses combine the traditional construction of innerspring mattresses with the luxurious top layers of all-foam mattresses. On top of coils (usually individually pocketed coils), a hybrid mattress will have memory foam or latex.

Presidential - A hybrid mattress at Americanstar

If you’re familiar with mattresses, you might have a question at this point. “Aren’t most regular coil mattresses topped with memory foam or latex?”

Yes, indeed. In some ways, “hybrid” is just a marketing term, an evolutionary rather than a revolutionary step. Hybrid mattresses typically have more foam and less of the other comfort materials than traditional innerspring mattresses. In addition, a hybrid mattress’s top is flattering, similar to that of a foam mattress, rather than tufted, as with a traditional innerspring mattress.

Which sleep position is a hybrid best for?

The hybrid mattress is the type of bed that is ideal for people who enjoy sleeping in over one comfort zone. It is an excellent choice for people who do not want to be limited to a single type of mattress.

The hybrid mattress is ideal for stomach, side, in-sleepers, couples, and anyone who values suitable investments.

The hybrid mattress combines the best qualities of multiple materials, allowing you to enjoy the best comfort of each. It is also an excellent choice for people who require core and additional support. It provides pressure relief and a strong feeling.

Benefits of a hybrid mattress

A hybrid mattress is one of the best mattresses for various reasons. Pressure relief, motion isolation, temperature control, and edge support are all features of hybrids.

Long-lasting pressure relief

Hybrid mattresses typically outlast traditional innerspring mattresses. While a hybrid mattress may sag over time, it is less likely to sag than an innerspring mattress.

Cooling features

The mattress of Americanstar is designed with highly breathable foams and fabrics for cooler and more comfortable sleep

Because of the coil support, a hybrid mattress is more breathable. Air flows more freely around coils than through dense support foam. A hybrid promotes an excellent sleeping surface by encouraging more airflow to wick away heat.

Motion isolation

By wrapping the coils inside the mattress, hybrid manufacturers address the bed’s tendency to transfer movement across the mattress. Each coil can then react to your movement independently, preventing motion transfer.

Edge support

Edge support is an unavoidable byproduct of hybrid design. Manufacturers use stiff, protective foams to surround the coil layer’s perimeter. These foams also firm up the bed’s edges, which can help you avoid rolling off and make getting in and out of bed easier. A mattress with edge support has a smaller sleeping surface than a mattress without it.

Support the back and relieves pain

Americanstar's Bluesky mattresses feature Lumbar Support to support the natural curve of your spine

The hybrid mattress’s multiple materials show it can meet various needs. The hybrid mattress evenly distributes your weight to the foam, cradling your body for added comfort. This contouring can help with morning aches and pains.

Long lifespan

The quality of a mattress determines its longevity. However, hybrid mattresses are known for their durability, so this bed will last a long time. The main reason for this is because of the coils in hybrid mattresses. The coil material is the most durable component that keeps the bed from sagging too quickly.

Bounce and a level of firmness

People who enjoy a good bounce in their bed and prefer a certain firmness may want to consider a hybrid mattress. This bed’s innerspring coil provides a bounce that memory foam cannot offer. Memory foam is the one that prevents motion transfer. Simply put, you can enjoy the joy of your hybrid mattress’s bounciness without being disturbed by your partner’s motion at night.


The hybrid mattress may be the most well-known versatile bed to date. This is because its mattress contains various materials that contribute to its versatility. Aside from the innerspring coils, you can choose any combination of comfort layers other than memory foam.

Pros and cons of hybrid mattresses

Consider the pros and cons of the hybrid mattresses to see if they provide the sleep support system you need

This multi-layer bed combines the benefits of traditional spring coils with multiple layers of foam to accommodate people with various body types and sleeping positions; however, it is an expensive addition to the bedroom, making it a tough choice for shoppers.


  • Hybrid mattresses contour better to your body.
  • A hybrid mattress is more stable, sturdy, and comfortable than an all-foam mattress.
  • The hybrid mattress has a great appeal because of its durability, and it is a long-lasting mattress.
  • Its perfect appearance makes it an ideal addition to any bedroom.
  • It suits most potential customers based on their body type and sleeping habits.
  • The hybrid mattress is multi-layered, providing additional comfort and working wonders for people who work long hours.
  • Because of the metal coil system, a hybrid mattress provides better edge support than an all-foam bed.


  • Hybrid mattresses are slightly more expensive than other mattresses of comparable overall quality. The higher price tag is due, in part, to hybrid mattresses being the latest trend in mattresses.
  • It is a costly addition that is difficult to afford.
  • The hybrid type of mattress is only slightly different from another mattress of similar quality, making differentiation in the market complex.
  • This mattress provides poor motion isolation.

Hybrid mattress market trend

One key hybrid mattress market trend driving the market growth is the introduction of intelligent mattresses. For example, the Presidential mattress, offered by AmericanStar, provides customized services and is equipped to personalize consumers’ sleeping experiences by adjusting elevation, shifting partner position to ease snoring, or providing a soothing massage.

Thus, incorporating smart features in hybrid mattresses will help improve consumers’ convenience, comfort, and overall sleeping experience, increasing hybrid mattress demand. This rising demand is propelling the market forward.

Hopefully, you know better understand what a hybrid mattress is and why mattress type matters so much when selecting the right mattress. A high-quality hybrid mattress can completely transform your sleeping experience in just one night. A hybrid mattress may be the best bed you’ve ever slept in if you get the right firmness level and foam comfort layer for your needs.