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How Often You Should Be Washing Your Sheets?


While it might seem like a task that can be pushed aside and saved for later, changing and washing your bedding can have a major impact on the quality of your sleep. On average, we spend upwards of eight hours a day in bed, and during that time our sheets are collecting a buildup of oils, sweat, skin cells, and other grime which can contribute to allergy and skin discomfort – eek! We’re here to share the truth about how often you should be washing your sheets and tips on how to stretch the time between washes if needed!


A recent study from the Mattress Advisor, the majority of people change and wash their sheets every three weeks. However, that is not the most optimal washing schedule for fresh and healthy bedding.


How Often To Wash Your Sheets

We recommended making changing and washing your bed sheets part of your weekly cleaning list. To make this chore less daunting, it’s a good idea to have a backup set or two of sheets you can easily swap while the other is being cleaned. While once a week is a great goal, we know everyone’s sleep habits and routines are different and there are a few things to consider when planning your sheet cleaning cycle. If you are someone who cuddles up to a furry friend at night, or you share a bed with a partner you may want to consider sticking as close to that one-week goal as possible. When there are more people or pets sleeping in bed, your sheets will get dirtier faster. If you are an avid traveler or don’t spend much time in sleeping in bed, you can probably get away with more time between washes. If you happen to have sensitive skin or allergies, we highly recommended changing your sheets every 3-4 days so you can enjoy a sounder sleep without disruption from discomfort (this is where having multiple sheet sets come in handy!).


Tips On How to Keep Your Bedding Fresh

Let’s be realistic, adding another line to your weekly to-do list may not be in the cards right now so you might be wondering, is there anything you can do to stretch the time between bedding washes? You bet – check out some of our tips for keeping your sheets fresh between washes:


  • Go to bed clean! Washing your face or taking a shower before bed can help reduce the amount of dirt, oils, skin cells, and other grime you hop into bed with.


  • Invest in a cooling mattress! There is nothing worse than sweating while your sleep - and your sweat contributes to dirtying your sheets. Our memory foam mattresses feature some of our most advanced temperature regulating technologies including our breathable cooling cover.


  • Avoid eating in bed! Enjoy your midnight snacks from the kitchen our couch and avoid rolling over crummy sheets while you sleep.


  • Get your pet their own bed. We know there is nothing cozier and more comforting than snuggling up with man's best friend however, giving your pet their own dedicated pet bed will keep your sheets cleaner from their fur and grime and take away one less heat source near you while you sleep.


Now that you know how often you should be washing your sheets, we challenge you to add it to your cleaning routine! Hopping into bed with crisp, clean sheets is one of the best feelings ever, and considering how much time we spend in our sleep sanctuary, you deserve to get the best sleep possible!



Happy, Comfy & Clean Sleeping!

-Americanstar US