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Stop the Scroll for Better Sleep


Here’s the deal. Our bodies are fine-tuned machines that rely on light to get our circadian rhythm on track. This means our bodies know when it’s time to be awake and when to be asleep. So, what happens when we are staring at our phones, TVs, or tablets in the evenings? These screens emit blue light (which we naturally get from the sun!), and what does light do? This light stimulates our brains and makes our bodies think it’s time to be awake.

If you’re cruising through social media or reading a book on a tablet and wondering why you can’t fall asleep with ease, these devices are most likely the culprit. Stop the scroll and explore a few alternatives that will soothe your mind for better sleep.


Calm Your Body and Mind

We’re not campaigning for a full-body workout and sweat before bed, but light yoga and meditation can set you up for success. Meditation can calm and clear your mind in a matter of a few mindful minutes. On the other hand, light yoga and stretching can release tension build-up from the day. If you’re looking for a few simple moves to implement, we found some relaxing poses here.


Write in Your Journal

Most of us may find ourselves holding on to experiences of the day, whether we find them good or bad. Thoughts like these keep our minds busy and writing them out on paper can serve as the perfect release. Journaling can be therapeutic and get us excited for what’s to come. It’s also fun to look back on to see what was going on at a certain time in your life.


Read a (Physical) Book

Nowadays, it is easy to download a book to your phone or tablet. While this is convenient, it can really mess with our sleep/wake cycles, given all that blue light. Opt for a hard copy of your latest reading and dive in. You will get to read the same words and story, and you’ll reap the benefits of reading being a relaxing and unwinding activity.


Embrace Self Care

If you’d like to take your nighttime routine a step further from brushing your teeth and putting on your pajamas, make it an experience. Take a warm shower, apply a face mask, and sip something soothing. A regular ritual like this can help your body and mind realize it’s time to start relaxation mode!


Whatever method you decide to do to stop the scroll, make sure it’s something you enjoy! If it’s something you look forward to it, it will be easy to have this become routine and a nightly occurrence. Get ready for better sleep.


Happy Sleeping!

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