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The Perfect Pillow for Your Sleep Position


Just like mattresses, not all pillows are created equal. Finding the perfect pillow really depends on your sleep style and preference. While there are ideal firmness levels, heights, and material makeups for each sleep position, there is one common denominator for finding the right pillow; spinal alignment.


Each position has its own way of contouring the body and causing discomfort if it’s not being supported properly. When it comes to maximizing your sleep comfort, we look at how the head and neck can be best supported to align your spine.


Today we’re focusing on the three main sleep styles: back, side, and stomach. Here is how to find the perfect pillow for each sleep position.


Back Sleeper

Sleeping on your back requires slight elevation from your pillow. In order to get the most comfortable rest in this position, you’ll want to find a pillow that is firm and about 3’ – 5’ thick. The goal is to prevent the head and neck from sinking toward the mattress causing alignment disruption.


Side Sleeper

Like with a mattress, side sleepers need to focus on finding a pillow that alleviates pressure build-up around the shoulders. When it comes to the perfect pillow for this sleep style, one that fills the space between the head and neck is ideal. Finding a pillow that offers this type of support can help with pressure points and spinal alignment to avoid waking up uncomfortable.


Stomach Sleeper

Stomach sleepers are prone to having neck discomfort, given how the head lays on the pillow in this position. While you’ll want some support in your pillow, focus on gentle support that allows the head and neck to easily align with the spine. The key in this position is to be relatively flat, and while you could sleep directly on your mattress without a pillow, there are plenty of options that offer a thinner profile.  


Regardless of your sleep style, it’s important to focus on finding the right pillow for you. In addition to the above guidelines, we recommend treating your search similarly to finding a mattress. Keep in mind your comfort preference, sleep style, and pain points.


Happy Sleeping!

-Americanstar US